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To create a women-led movement for sustained advocacy on women’s land rights that leads to opportunities for women to claim and exercise their land rights and reach economic empowerment.




November 2021


It is extraordinarily rare for a woman in Colombia to hold a documented and registered land title as an individual. Government officials tasked with land titling often remain unaware of and unconcerned with existing legal provisions protecting women’s land rights. The gap between women’s legal rights to land and the pervasive institutional indifference that exists in practice is broad.

Stand for Her Land Colombia engages at the local level to bridge this gap and ensure women can attain economic empowerment with strong and secure land rights.

Land rights are undergoing restitution and formalization in Colombia’s post-conflict setting – a window of opportunity that will not be open for long. S4HL Colombia is empowering women-driven CSOs to work with government agencies to realize the gender inclusive approach called for in the nation’s Final Peace Agreement.

READ NOW: S4HL Colombia Baseline Report (English)

LEA AHORA: Informe de referencia de S4HL Colombia (español)



Women’s land rights for women’s economic empowerment


Innovative solutions for social norms change and legal literacy around women’s land rights


Post-conflict land restitution


Government support

The S4HL Colombia will work with local CSOs to identify key priorities for government policy and practice and legal framework change. The Coalition also plans to provide direct support to government implementors through trainings and workshops around women’s land rights.

Social norms and behavior change pilots

In communities selected by the S4HL Colombia Coalition members, local CSOs will pilot innovative, contextually-specific social norms and behavior change strategies to address social discrimination around women’s land rights. The CSOs will build on Coalition experience implementing mobile training modules to develop new modules focused on land literacy for women, and then share the learnings, tools, and methods with the S4HL Colombia Coalition networks.

Public awareness campaigns

To increase social recognition at large of the legitimacy and importance of women’s land rights, S4HL Colombia will design and launch media campaigns for social media, TV and radio, WhatsApp messaging, YouTube, and national print journalism.

Member Organizations

Coordinator: Centro de Investigación y Educación Popular (CINEP)

La Red de Mujeres del Norte de Bolívar

Organizaciones de población desplazada, étnicas y campesinas (OPDS) de Montes de María

Grupo por la Defensa de la tierra y el territorio de Córdoba (GTTC)

Asociación de mujeres campesinas de Colosó (AMUCOL)

Corporación Desarrollo Solidario (CDS)

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