About the WLR Platform

The Women's Land Rights (WLR) Platform is a unique and powerful web-based resource that provides an inclusive space for women across the world to share and document their experiences and perspectives around land rights – amplifying voices, increasing visibility, building strategic cohesion, and advancing collaboration between WLR stakeholders. It is designed to elevate grassroots women’s voices to a regional and a global stage. The Platform provides the opportunity and venue to use storytelling as an impactful tool for advocacy and movement building, while also mapping organizations across the world who are working in various sectors that intersect the WLR movement.

Check out this explainer video to learn about the WLR Platform:

Story Gathering Guidance

When sharing your story, please do not include any information that may put you or others at risk. If you need to remove a story from the Platform, please reach out to nicolet@landesa.org.

Please read our Story Gathering Guidance to learn about best practices in collecting good stories and protecting the storyteller. This guide contains information on:

    1. Whose story to collect
    2. How to get good stories
    3. Protecting the storyteller
    4. Obtaining consent
    5. Protecting yourself
Download the Story Gathering Guidance (PDF)

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