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Woman picking coffee beans in Kibale Forest, Uganda.


To advance secure and equitable women’s land rights by building a unified, locally-driven movement and bridging the implementation gap.


December 2021


Despite legal frameworks guaranteeing women’s land rights and substantial local work to strengthen these rights, women in Uganda face persistent challenges in claiming and securing their rights to land.

Stand for Her Land Uganda is using the power of collective advocacy and capacity-sharing to leverage the current opportunity to transform gender paradigms and achieve lasting change for women’s land rights.



Engaging youth and other marginalized groups


Social norms and behavior change for women’s land rights


Men as champions for rural women’s land rights


Media campaign

S4HL Uganda is expanding the existing media campaign around women’s land rights, using the Coalition Lead’s vast experience in community radio, social media, TV, press conferences, and national stakeholder engagements.

Roundtable gatherings

The S4HL Uganda Coalition will convene government officials and other key stakeholders at roundtable gatherings to share pilot project lessons, best practices, and outcomes from land rights registration processes. The Coalition will work within existing multi-stakeholder platforms and national venues centered on women’s land rights and adjacent areas.

Community mobilization

At the community level, S4HL Uganda is working to integrate gender-transformative approaches in the land rights registration and land dispute resolution processes on mailo and customary land through community dialogues to identify and transform existing harmful norms limiting women’s land rights.

Member Organizations

Coordinator: Uganda Community-Based Association for Women and Children’s Welfare (UCOBAC)

Full list coming soon

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