Confronting the Climate Crisis, Uprooting Gender Inequality (CSW66 Parallel Event)

This CSW66 Parallel Event from March 14, 2022 features voices from the Stand for Her Land (S4HL) campaign – grassroots leaders from both rural and urban communities who hold deep expertise on securing gender equal rights for women, and engaging men and whole communities for gender justice. They share their vision for a future where power over land and natural resources is shared and used to benefit all, a world where humanity lives in harmony with Mother Earth, a world where we have achieved gender justice.

Moderator: Mino Ramorosan, Regional Coordinator – Africa & Global Land Specialist, Huairou Commission (S4HL Global Steering Committee Member)

Maite Rodriguez, Huairou Commission member representative, Foundation Guatemala
Katrina Lisnichuk, Habitat for Humanity Paraguay
Javier Medina, CINEP (Colombia Stand for Her Land Coalition representative)


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