Meet Four Women Who Now Have Secure Rights to Land

Sabina with a donkey in front of her house

This land rights program run by S4HL partner CARE International Tanzania, worked to support the rights of small-scale farmers, women and pastoralists who are at risk of losing out in the face of large-scale agricultural investments in Tanzania. They did this by strengthening the capacity of national civil society at the local and national levels to more effectively engage with key lands sector actors – and to support and advocate for the rights of small-scale farmers and pastoralists. All photos courtesy of CARE International Tanzania.

Paulina, Simanjiro village, Manyara region


“I’m happy I have my own piece of land and title on it. As a Maasai women that’s big.”

Sabina Daniel, Loonderkes village


"It’s important for a woman to have her own property apart from marital properties. Men sometimes cannot be trusted especially when they have no money because they will sale anything. Me and my husband have a family farm, and I also own two other plots of land which I was given by my family.

My greatest wish is to have a title on them as it will help me decide if I want to build a house or just use the plot for other things like keeping my cattles. It just feels good and I will be able to give my land to any of my children taking good care of me now or likely to take care of me in my old age."

Maimuna Mtete

“Now I can take care of my kids and my family on my side without needing to kneel to my husband for money. I can farm by myself, sale, get money, and decide what I want to do with my money. I can even decide to build a house in my plot, I can rent my land, the benefits are endless.”

Theresia, Pawaga village, Iringa region


“First there’s freedom in deciding what to do with the land, you can rent it to people, join financial groups, and even use it as a collateral to get a loan from the bank.”

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