Global Land Alliance joins growing women’s land rights movement

New members to Stand for Her Land help reinforce data advocacy efforts and improve understanding of impacts of gender-equal land rights.

Stand for Her Land (S4HL) is excited to announce the Global Land Alliance (GLA) and Prindex have joined the S4HL Campaign, adding to the growing movement to close the gap between policy and practice and help millions of women realize land rights in their daily lives.

Prindex, the Global Property Rights Index from GLA, is a groundbreaking collaborative effort to measure peoples’ perceptions of their land and property rights. Since its launch in 2016, Prindex has expanded its global database to include measurements from 141 countries, encompassing 95 percent of the population and including often excluded groups—making it by far the most comprehensive and inclusive collection of data on the perception of tenure security.

“A key challenge for efforts to secure women’s land rights is a lack of comprehensive data on women’s tenure security,” said Esther Mwaura-Muiru, S4HL Global Advocacy Director. “Global Land Alliance and Prindex will improve our understanding of the impacts of women’s secure land rights and to help make women count.”

GLA and Prindex join a multi-stakeholder coalition of organizations and institutions that comprise the S4HL Steering Committee, with international land rights organization Landesa serving as campaign secretariat. Other members include the Global Land Tool Network, Habitat for Humanity, Huairou Commission, International Land Coalition, Rights and Resources Initiative, and The World Bank.

Formally launched in 2022 following exploratory efforts initiated in 2019, S4HL works to strengthen women’s land rights from the global to the grassroots. At the global level, the campaign advocates for women’s land rights in sustainable development agendas and frameworks at international and regional levels, including among UN conventions, the African Union, and other agenda-setters. At national and local levels, S4HL country coalitions in Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Senegal, Tanzania, and Uganda leverage local understanding and expertise to inform law and policy advocacy, implementation, and awareness efforts that together have the potential to help millions of women realize secure land rights in their daily lives.


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