S4HL is a WLR Commitment Maker

Stand for Her Land is a proud member of the Generation Equality Feminist Action for Climate Justice (FACJ) Action Coalition, where we are joined by an inspiring group of organizations working toward gender and climate justice. We’re excited to be one of the featured “55 Stories of Change” that FACJ released at UN CSW68 on Monday, March 18.

As a showcase for the Collective WLR Commitment, S4HL is a multi-stakeholder campaign delivering on the promise of women’s land rights from the ground up, with a country coalition model that’s rooted in the voices and actions of grassroots women and civil society groups. By centering our solutions in women-led local organizations, S4HL empowers these groups to deliver transformative change directly in the communities we serve.

Learn more about the inspiring work of the FACJ: “55 Stories of Change”

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