UCOBAC: Promoting peaceful co-existence of landlords and tenants on private Mailo Land


In this documentary, UCOBAC captures experiences of both tenants, landlords and Kiboga district officials on Private Mailo Land.

Around 9% of Uganda’s land is held under mailo land system. The Land Act (as amended 2010) describes Mailo tenure as a form of tenure that allows separate ownership rights and user rights over ...

Emergence of a Change Maker: Monira Begum, paralegal of Faridpur


ALRD, through the Stand for Her Land project ‘Equal Stake in the Soil,’ trained Monira Begum and other community women and men as paralegals on women’s land rights and social norms change to support other community women who are facing land-related difficulties and access to government support systems.

Local civil society organizations in ...

Women’s Land Rights “Pot Song” – Stand for Her Land Bangladesh


A “pot song” is a form of folk storytelling in Bangladesh. The Stand for Her Land (S4HL) Bangladesh coalition is adopting this traditional format to help raise awareness about women’s land rights around the country. S4HL Bangladesh lead Association for Land Reform and Development (ALRD) produced this pot song film, which it screens ...

It’s Time to Stand for Her Land

Envision a world where women have equal footing. A world where the power offered by secure rights to land is shared by women and men. A world where that power is used to address global challenges and strengthen communities.

A global coalition of partners in the Stand for Her Land (S4HL) campaign are working ...

Gender Dynamics of Climate Change and Land Tenure Security for Women – Webinar Recording

Stand For Her Land Tanzania hosted a webinar discussion on December 16, 2020 titled “Gender Dynamics of Climate Change and Land Tenure Security for Women.” 

S4HL Webinar Presentation

This presentation was given during the May 7 S4HL webinar and provides an overview of the Stand For Her Land Campaign, highlights accomplishments to-date, goals for the future, and information on how to join our collaborative effort and stay connected.