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Letter from Buganda: Let us rise together and Stand For Her Land

In Uganda, registered land is still at 20%, and out of that women are only a meager 5%-26%. There is an urgent need to address the historical injustices and colonial legacies, which have resulted in several challenges.

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Property and Partnerships: Empowering women across the world in combating gender inequality

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY - As urbanization gallops through every corner of the world and more and more people are moving into urban areas, many societies face the challenge of dealing with land and housing.

Women in Half the World Still Denied Land, Property Rights Despite Laws

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Global campaign Stand For Her Land aims to bridge gap between law and practice so that women can realize their equal rights to land.

Three things to know about women’s land rights today

In a video blog marking the International Day of Rural Women, Victoria Stanley and Anna Wellenstein of the World Bank discuss three “headlines” one may encounter on women and land.

Closing the gap on women’s land rights

In half of all countries around the world, women experience gender discrimination in their rights to land. A movement is swelling across the Global South, where women are demanding equal rights to their land and natural resources.

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